Characters are all 9-1/4" tall and proportionately wide.

You can use these decorative letters to hang or prop as they are, or add them to a sign, wreath, or other craft you are working on.

Because these characters are cut from salvaged tin, each letter is unique. With this being said, each letter may have holes in it, be a different shade of tin or have a different patina, most likely it will be dirty & may even have some bird poop on it (this just adds character!), there may also be rust or paint on some of the pieces. Please note that you will NOT be receiving the actual piece that is in the photograph as they are cut out in multiples. The shape & size will however be the same as in the photo.

Our suggested means of hanging your characters are by nailing directly through the tin (just like the farmer did that originally used it for the barn roof), you can also drill a pilot